Domestic Properties

Smarter Energy Solutions Ltd (SES) are MCS approved installers We are proud to be a leading provider of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and installations across the UK. We take satisfaction in knowing that the majority of our domestic business is based on word of mouth and that our specialist approach and flexible service contribute to our proven track record of success.

Most houses in the UK are suitable for Solar PV, however, some are more suitable than others. Solar PV works most efficiently when the panels are facing South, directly towards the sun. A South facing roof will always be the most effective, however the system will also produce very good results when facing either East or West. As long as the chosen roof isn’t facing directly North and isn’t completely shaded, the roof should be suitable for PV. SES will always present the facts as clearly as possible to make sure that you’re completely aware of what’s on offer. Our team of expert designers will ascertain the best possible products and layout for any proposed system in order to ensure that our customers get the most out their panels.

Calculate Your Savings

Use this calculator to see how much you can save installing Solar PV.

Benefits of installing Solar PV

There are a number of benefits when investing in a Solar PV system for your home.

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of PV, there are also several very attractive financial benefits to be had from having your own system installed on your home.

    1. You will reduce your energy bills
      Once your system has been installed the electricity it produces will be used to power the appliances in your home during daylight hours and will therefore significantly reduce your electricity bills.
    2. You will get paid a tax free income
      For ALL of the electricity you generate from your solar PV panels. Thanks to the government’s backed Feed-in-Tariff (FiT)scheme you will get paid per kW* of electricity that you produce whether you use it or not.


  1. You will get paid extra money for the electricity you don’t use.
    Any surplus electricity that you don’t use during the day will get fed back to the national grid. An additional fee per kw will be paid for this excess electricity. As it is virtually impossible to measure this consumption most suppliers work on the assumption that you will only use half of the electricity you produce, therefore the additional will be paid based on 50% of the electricity you produce no matter how much you use.
  2. Increase the value of your property.
    A solar PV system will increase the value of your property, and the concept of lower electricity bills will be a huge incentive to potential buyers.

SES will do everything possible to ensure that our customers’ needs are met, and that only the very best service and quality products are provided. All of our installations are certified by the MCS and are carried out by our helpful and friendly team of fully trained engineers.